WhoKnows is an AI-powered B2B lead gen platform for startups, and we also offer full-service lead gen services including growth marketers, SDRs, copy writers etc for our clients.

We need an experienced client-facing project manager to help manager our rapidly growing customer base, refine and improve our overall processes, and crush our customer success metrics.

There are plenty of future opportunities to help us build this discipline and overall process as we continue to scale. If you want the challenge of helping build a unique, disruptive company while growing your project management skills, then this is the opportunity for you.


  • Coordinate internal and customer tasks and deliverables week over week
  • Ensure projects are staffed appropriately
  • Efficiently and pleasantly run regular client-facing meetings while ensuring notes and to dos are captured and communicated
  • Ensure channel marketers, SDRs, and marketing ops populate their data so analysis on progress can be done each week (you won't be responsible for the actual analysis)
  • Help build a scalable, repeatable process for onboarding and managing clients as we scale

Experience and Qualifications

  • 3+ years of project management (client-facing project management is a must)
  • Any experience in sales and marketing is a bonus
  • Willingness to work in an early-stage startup (this is extremely important since we need adaptable PMs that want to help evolve the our playbook not just execute a long-established one)


  • Smarter than the average bear
  • Rapid learning DNA
  • Customer-centric philosophy
  • Comfortable in metrics-driven organizations
  • Highly collaborative mindset and willingness to work with all teams
  • Not a lemming, we need creative, out of the box thinkers who are willing to lead the industry, not just follow
  • Bias towards speed and getting s*** done!